Rakhee Aradkar

The artist should not only paint what is afar, but also what is within…….

Rakhee Aradkar’s multilayered, nearly monochromatic works, seek to convey subjective yet emotional response to her surroundings. At one point her paintings bring to notice ecological issues that concern our collective existence on the planet, yet on the other hand, through these paintings the artist seeks a reunion with her deeper self by contemplation of the nature.

Rakhee’s primary interest as an artist is to encourage a dialogue between man and nature. Hailing from Sindhudurg, a coastal region of Maharashtra, Rakhee is captivated by the sea, its unfathomable expanse as well as depth. However, when she witnessed plight of the fisherfolks form her native place who are fighting a relentless battle against mechanized fishing vessels such as trawlers and Purse seiners as well as the ecological damage and social imbalanced caused by the inshore mechanized fishing, Rakhee decided to articulate it through her works.

The artist touches upon these issues through sensitive and delicate forms that float on stained canvas. These works embrace colour, while placing equal emphasis on line. They embrace simplicity while simultaneously communicating vastness, complexity and a sense of interwoven interdependence. Rakhee speaks of how these forms, to her, represent strong anguish and helplessness. She hopes that this torment is transferred to viewers when they witness her works. The simplicity of treatment and the directness of emotion that the artist employs are instrumental in creating a unique identity to her works.

The artist’s noble endeavour doesn’t just end with the canvas. Rakhee owns and runs Aradkar’s Art Gallery in Kankavli, Sindhudurg. Apart from imparting art education to children of Topiwala High School, she also helps them participate in various art workshops and exhibitions to spread awareness of the social issue. Rakhee plans to donate 30% of the sales proceeds from ‘Swirling Emotions’ to the affected fisherfolkes and groups fighting for this cause.


-Shraddha Purnaye