Devdatta Aradkar

Even though, his works are festooned in realism, the more you engage with Devdatta Aradkar and his works; you will realize that they come from the deepest place inside of him which fulfills the need to create. The medium almost becomes secondary to the creation. The process of creation itself is exhilarating, yet other times every cell is poured into the creation — what then remains only the process, the art and the feeling.

The energy and the inherent intimacy within these forms are intangible and distinctive elements in his works. The colors and forms exude a volatile energy that can barely be contained within the confines of the canvas, and become an extension of the artist’s personality. Devdatta instills a novel way of looking at the inanimate, everyday objects around us. In his hands, the canvas itself takes on the role of a screen where an artist’s visual sensations are registered as he gazes intensely, and often repeatedly, at a given subject. It is as if each item has been examined not from one but several angles.

He places the mundane into a specific arrangement, capturing them on canvas to take on a whole new meaning. His everyday objects assume a life beyond the ordinary, their existence recoded in time. The limited yet vibrant palette, simplicity of forms and the transparency created through illusion of depth gives a unified appeal to the work. The half empty bottles, a vessel, the glass left behind by a visitor or the still burning smoke of the cigarette, each artwork narrates a story and invites the viewer to delve further into the scene.

Devdatta’s works have been selected for various prestigious solo as well as group exhibitions. He has extensively shown his works in India as well as abroad. His works have won prestigious awards and accolades and have been appreciated for the unique style that he has mastered for many years. Devdatta owns and runs an art gallery in Kankavli, where he currently resides.

“To paint is to show a bit of your soul. Where words fail, colors and strokes convey. Deep seated sub-conscious comes to life. It is a way of connecting with your inner-self. And more often than not, we remain surprised with what we see”, exclaims the artist.

– Shraddha Purnaye